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A selection of 18 classic teas and flavoured blends


Presented in an elegant lacquered wood box, like a miniature tea cellar, this selection of 18 varieties and blends is an invitation to enter the world of Dammann Frères Teas, rich in flavours and sensory surprises. Perfect as a gift, or to share at home. Includes (in individual boxes of 25 or 30g): Earl Grey Yin Zhen – flavoured black tea, Russian Douchka Tea - flavoured black tea, Oriental – flavoured green tea, Blue Garden - flavoured black tea, Four Red Fruits flavoured black tea, Touareg green mint tea (25g), Breakfast – classic black tea blend, Ceylan O.P. – black Ceylan tea, Darjeeling G.F.O.P. – Indian black tea, Lapsang Souchong - smoked black China tea, Assam G.F.O..P- black Indian tea, Paul & Virginie – flavoured black tea, Yunnan Green – green China tea, Pomme d’Amour - flavoured black tea, Citrus – flavoured black tea, Green Sun – flavoured green tea, Seven Flavours – flavoured black tea, Anichaï –flavoured black tea.

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125 00

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