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Iced tea: some will say 'I love it!', others will be more nuanced, sometimes saying that its preparation requires too much time and preferring other refreshing drinks.

Yet nothing is easier to prepare than iced tea!


Traditionally prepared hot and then cooled or directly served on ice, we invite you to taste the delicacy of a cold-infused infusion.

This way to prepare takes a bit of time, but the result is so delicious that you will become soon addicted.

To enjoy such delight, we have devised a collection of 6 teas and perfumed blends packaged in Cristal® sachets specially dosed for its preparation. Place a bag in water (1 L or 1.5 L depending on your needs), and leave it to infuse in the fridge for 7 to 8 hours. Then you're ready to serve these clear teas with subtle and delicate flavors.

Among of our flavored blends Jardin Bleu, Touareg, Fiji, Bali, discover Pêche, a delicious invitation to the heart of an orchard with the delicious flavor of this summer fruit or, Samba, a tangy infusion of hibiscus flower and exotic fruit aromas.

And for fun, imagine your summer cocktail.

At Dammann Frères we succumb to the pleasure of our cocktail "Bulles de Pêche".

A refreshing and sparkling cocktail :

In a champagne flute pour 1.5 cl of peach syrup (make the syrup yourself: let infuse a few hours, a bag of iced tea Peach in 10 cl of cane syrup), then pour 2/3 of 'Pêche' iced tea and complete with 1/3 of sparkling water.

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