Sri Lanka

Ceylon tea wasn't always destined to become the "island of tea" that it is today. In fact, it was the Scotsman James Taylor who enabled this great revolution by planting the first tea plants from China and Assam around 1860. Today a large part of the island is covered in plantations that can reach altitudes of up to 2,500 m. It produces amber-coloured, creamy, woody and well-structured liquors.

Black teas from Sri Lanka

Fourth largest tea producer in the world Sri Lanka is an outstanding black tea production area. Cultivated in the center of the island at an altitude of 1200 to 2000m, Ceylon teas are mainly destined for export markets. The best harvests occur from January to late March.

White tea from Ceylan

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Tea from Ceylan - Silver buds Tea from Ceylan - Silver buds
White tea
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