Ethical charter

This philosophy and these values have been the basis of our success since we were established in 1825. The Code reflects our ongoing commitment and governs what we do. It applies to all our employees, customers and suppliers. We are committed to running our business ethically and in a socially responsible way in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we are or will be operating. The purpose of this code is not to provide a complete list of the rules of professional ethics and conduct. It has been created to help us uphold the good reputation of Dammann Frères and fulfil our social responsibility commitments.


To ensure compliance with international regulations, Dammann Frères analyses all raw materials before their manufacture and often imposes internal rules that go beyond the standards and regulations in force.

Dammann Frères is committed to operating in accordance with international, national and local laws and regulations. More specifically, we undertake to adhere to:

- The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10 December 1948.
- The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of 16 June 2011.
- The core standards of the International Labour Organization.
- Standards of the Syndicat Français du Thé et des Plantes à Infusion (French Syndicate of Tea and Infusion Plants).
- The principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


We aim to ensure the personal development and wellbeing of our employees to promote mutual trust between the company and its staff.

Human rights, the prohibition of child and forced labour and respecting the freedom of association are priorities for Dammann Frères.

Our staff work in accordance with applicable laws. Work must be carried out voluntarily and employees must be treated with dignity and respect.

We make sure that the principles of non-discrimination and individual rights are respected and that the initiatives we take help to eliminate any discrimination based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, age, religion, political opinions, nationality, ethnicity or social background.

We are committed to protecting our employees from all these types of discrimination, both at the hiring stage and throughout their career at Dammann Frères.

Terms of employment and career development are based on skill, merit and performance. This also means Dammann Frères is committed to equal pay for men and women. In addition, the company favours hiring local people.

We make sure we inform our staff of any health or safety risks at work.

Our staff enjoy a safe, healthy workplace and conditions that comply with applicable laws.

We aim to ensure our employees’ personal development and wellbeing, foster mutual trust between the company and its employees and facilitate access to training through skill development, while ensuring equal career opportunities.

We educate our staff on the risks of deviant and dangerous behaviour like sexual or moral harassment. Harassment is strictly prohibited. We make sure that none of our employees are subjected to physical or psychological pressure.

Our staff also have commitments! They are required to be loyal to Dammann Frères at all times to protect the company’s interests and reputation. They must act with integrity because they are part of the company’s image. They must promote the collective success of Dammann Frères by fostering a good working atmosphere, respect Dammann Frères’ tangible and intangible heritage, respect the employees they work with—favouring dialogue to resolve any conflicts—and play an active role in progressive and continuous improvement policies in the areas of quality, hygiene, safety, the environment and sustainable development.


We aim to adhere to the principles of sustainable development by implementing actions that have a positive impact on society and a sustainable business model that adds stakeholder value and has minimal impact on the environment. Dammann Frères renews its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact Programme every year.

Our commitments require us to rigorously maintain the quality of our products and services and offer a guarantee of the sanitary nature of our products. The company has been IFS certified since 2013 and follows a strict and more rigorous inspection plan than regulations require to ensure a safe, healthy product for consumers, striving for no pesticide detection.

Our commitments require us to respect communities and the environment we work in. At its production site, Dammann Frères takes care to ensure its industrial processes respect nature and the environment. In the many regions of the world where it operates, Dammann Frères is determined to protect and improve the quality of the environment by focusing on responsible, principled and respectful farming practices.

Dammann Frères recommends its customers follow practices that seek to optimise transport methods to reduce their carbon footprint.

The company encourages its partners to support projects aimed at improving the environment both at work and in their community.


We must always act in the interest of Dammann Frères.

We prohibit any conduct that could be defined as an active act of corruption involving proposals or gifts made directly or indirectly to a public or private person, including offers, promises, benefits or bribes, so that this person carries out or fails to carry out an activity directly or indirectly connected to their job.

Our employees and business partners are required to comply with the anti-corruption laws applicable to them and report any attempt to corrupt or extort money.

Our employees do not accept any form of personal enrichment that could compromise their ability to make objective business decisions on behalf of Dammann Frères.

Personal relationships that influence or appear to unduly influence business decisions and any conflicts of interest are prohibited.

Confidential information is not used or disclosed by our employees for personal gain.

Company resources, time and assets are used for business purposes only and not for personal gain or other private matters.

Donations and contributions must be made in accordance with applicable laws.

Dammann Frères and its partners are committed to paying a fair price to producers and suppliers for quality products and services and only agree to pay above the average market price for higher quality agricultural commodities. With regard to packaging, Dammann Frères only agrees to pay above the average market price for more environmentally friendly packaging.


We guarantee to our customers that our products meet the food quality and safety standards in force. This commitment applies throughout our supply chain, from the raw materials to the product.

We combine tradition with innovation to impart our values, maintain our expertise and pass it on to the next generation while ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and consumers.

Our business partners also respect this Code, our company and our products and services.

Our business partners undertake to comply with all applicable laws in the countries in which our products are sold.

Audits may be conducted to ensure our business partners comply with this Code. Any violation of this Code will be punished by the termination of our relationship with the breaching partner.

Any unethical or illegal act by a business partner may damage our reputation and the trust we have in them.

Dammann Frères undertakes to help its business partners develop a CSR continuous improvement plan.


We undertake to comply with competition law to prevent any imbalance in the market. We respect our competitors’ privacy and intellectual property rights. In addition, we have an ethical and legal responsibility to convey a fair and truthful image of Dammann Frères’ competitors. Lastly, we do not tolerate our employees using unfair means to obtain information about our competition.


We are responsible for protecting data regardless of its source (past or present employees or business partners). The collection, the use and disclosure of identifiable data is carried out in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation (particularly in regard to personal data).

Employees undertake to pay special attention to any documents or messages containing confidential information that could be seen or misappropriated.

Responsibility for regularly revising the charter lies with the GDPR committee (comité, which notifies the B Corp steering committee.

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