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Green tea Tea from Japan - SHINCHA KANAYAMIDORI - 50g

14,50 €

Per box (Either 290,00 € Kg)

Tea from Japan - SHINCHA KANAYAMIDORI - 50g

A ideal spring tea for discovering the aromatic world of Japanese teas.
Region: Harvested close to Hioki, in the province of Kagoshima in Kyushu island
Harvest: Mechanically harvested on May 4that 250 m.
Particularity: This tea is a result of a breed between Yabukitaand Asatsuyu (early cultivar)
Attack : Very smooth
Heart: Vegetal with notes of green asparagus
Persistence: Mellow, evoking sweet potato

Buddha box of 50g

  • Dominant note: Plain
  • Type(s) of tea: Green tea
Consult the INCO rules chart
Serving suggestion
Infusion 2/2:30 mn
Temperature 70°C - 158°F
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