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Green tea Tea from Japan - Shincha Umegashima - pouch of 50 g

18,00 €

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Tea from Japan - Shincha Umegashima - pouch of 50 g

Produced from the Yabukita grape variety (Japan's most famous grape), this superb spring tea has undergone light steaming and no oxidation. It develops markedly mineral notes, revealing a well-defined salty character. Its deep green leaves, shaped into fine pine needles, create an infusion with vegetal notes of fresh almond for a tea with a velvety and milky texture and light astringency. Packaged in easy-close bag. Net weight: 50 g / 1,76 oz
  • Dominant note: Plain
  • Type(s) of tea: Green tea
Consult the INCO rules chart
Serving suggestion
Infusion 2/3 mn
Temperature 70°C - 158°F
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