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For those who do not know Nuit à Versailles, here is a little story ...


Our adventure began in 1692, when King Louis XIV granted Sieur Damame the privilege of selling Caffé, Thé, Sorbec & Chocolat in France ... More late on the occasion of a sponsorship campaign, Dammann Frères joined in the restoration of the statue La Nuit, located on the north parterre in the park of Versailles castle. Comes the idea to create a mixture inspired by the flavors of fruits and the scents of flowers cultivated in the royal gardens of Versailles from the 17th century; it will be NUIT A VERSAILLES. Find this aromatic bouquet in a delicious herbal tea...

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6,16 € / 100g
Green tea Green tea - Nuit à Versailles
10,62 € / 100g
Herbal Tea Herbal tea - TISANE NUIT À VERSAILLES
14,22 € / The box
Herbal Tea Herbal tea - Tisane Nuit à Versailles, box of...
12,32 € / Per box
Green tea Nuit à Versailles', box of 100 g
12,89 € / The box
Herbal Tea Tisane Nuit à Versailles, box of 25 Cristal®...
12,61 € / Unit
Green tea Nuit à Versailles, box of 24 enveloped Cristal®...
10,14 € / The box
Green tea Nuit à Versailles', box of 25 Cristal®...
33,18 € / Unit
"Invitation" collection "EXCURSION"gift set
32,70 € / Unit
Tea canisters in gift set "ALLURES" Gift set
48,34 € / Unit
Tea bags sets "24H/24" gift set - 2 drawers black cardboard case
6,92 € / Unit
Around tea Nuit à Versailles', tea jelly
5,42 € / Unit
Dammann tea canisters Empty Dammann Frères's tin...
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