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From the leaf to your cup...


Selection of teas and infusions.
Selection of teas and infusions

All our teas and the plants used in infusions are selected through the seasons by our buyers, directly from our producers. All products are chosen for both their visual appearance and their organoleptic qualities. Compliance tests are then commissioned from a COFRAC-accredited external, independent laboratory before any orders are placed.

Our accessories.
Our accessories

We take great care in our choice of accessories, which are sourced from small manufacturers and artisans. Often an expression of traditional expertise, they are also the fruit of a joint innovation and development process between our teams and manufacturers.
Regular audits are carried out among our suppliers to ensure a strict set of specifications is respected.

Factory reception.
Factory reception

Once received, batches are placed in quarantine while we carry out two more tests. The first is an organoleptic test completed by our specialists (taste, smell and visual). The second comprises a series of analyses at a COFRAC-accredited, independent, external lab.

Checks on accessories once they arrive on site.
Checks on accessories once they arrive on site

We also have a strict policy for the standards of our accessories, which must comply with both European regulations and a strict set of DAMMANN Frères specifications.


Manual and machine sorting.
Manual and machine sorting

At our factory, we have developed special optical sorting and dusting equipment for our raw ingredients. Delicate items are sorted by hand.

Our recipes.
Our recipes

All our tea and infusion recipes are designed and balanced by our flavour chemist.
With the help of a tasting panel, a development committee tastes and selects all the creations we release for sale.


Our essential oils are 100% natural.
Just like our flavors, they comply with European regulations and very strict DAMMANN Frères specifications.


Packaging for loose leaf tea.
Packaging for loose leaf tea

Our teas and infusions are unique recipes available loose, boxed and in sachets. The loose leaf format is the most environmentally friendly choice.

Packaging in Cristal® bags.
Packaging in Cristal® bags

An original DAMMANN Frères invention, Cristal® bags are made exclusively from 100% PLA, a corn starch-derived polymer that biodegrades when industrially composted.

Packaging in individually wrapped sachets.
Packaging in individually wrapped sachets

Individually wrapped Cristal® sachets are ideal for those who want to be able to enjoy their favorite tea or infusion anywhere, any time and in perfect condition.

Packaging in metal boxes.
Packaging in metal boxes

Our metal boxes are the trademark of DAMMANN Frères’ expertise and are an excellent way to maintain the quality of the leaves, ensure the tea remains fresh and preserve the careful balance of our recipes.


Our boxes.
Our boxes

Wherever possible, we use recyclable material for our boxes, which are designed to be reusable (metal, paper, cardboard).
For our wooden boxes, we prioritize suppliers that are FSC-certified.

Creation of our assorted box sets.
Creation of our assorted box sets

Although most of our boxes are assembled in our workshops, as part of our commitment to social inclusion, DAMMANN Frères also works with government-run initiatives designed to provide work to people with disabilities known as ESATs. We carry out an audit of their working environment before beginning any partnership.

Creation of our box sets.
Creation of our box sets

Our teams carefully assemble our creations by hand.
Our metal boxes are made from tin-plate, which can be recycled as many times as desired, and fitted with an organic lining.


Click and Collect at the store of your choice...
Click and Collect at the store of your choice...

Place your order on our website. Once your products have been prepared and carefully packed by the store of your choice, you will receive a notification to come and collect them.

... How your orders are sent
... How your orders are sent

We use 100% recyclable, FSC-certified protective paper to ensure your products reach you in perfect condition.

The tasting experience.
The tasting experience

For the best possible tasting experience, we recommend using a temperature-controlled kettle and carefully following the instructions on water temperature and infusion times included with our products.