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The season of long evenings, lie-ins and days without anything to do will soon come to an end and it'll be time to go back to school.


For many this means seeing old friends and sharing tales from your holidays: all your adventures, big and small, trips to the seaside and through the mountains... so why not make the most of these September afternoons by inviting friends round for tea?

Little Cristal offers a range of teas and infusions and theine-free drinks with delicious sweet flavours, perfect for kids to enjoy like adults with yummy jam and toast or homemade cakes.

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4,74 € / The box
Fruit infusion Little Cristal - Cola & Grenadine - 8...
4,74 € / The box
Rooibos Little Cristal - Caramel & Bon Bon - 8...
8,33 € / Unit
Tea bowls Color' yellow porcelain tea bowl, 12,5 cl
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