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Although citron is said to have already been consumed in the Ancient World, citrus fruits originating from India and China seem to have reached Persia in the 10th century.


They were then grown around the Mediterranean Basin, in particular bitter orange and lemon, whose aromas and flavors immediately appealed.

Today, orange, grapefruit, lemon, kumquat, bergamot... bring sunshine to our markets in the middle of winter.

Our talented aromatician combines them as essential oils or as rinds with teas or plant blends to prepare wonderfully flavored recipes that invite us to a joyful dance where the richness of the perfumes enhances the pleasure of savouring a beautiful tea, thereby helping us to pleasantly and deliciously enjoy the winter season.

These tasty fruits invite themselves into our cups, delightfully perfuming our teas and herbal teas including the wonderful “Grand Goût Russe” black tea with its sparkling fruitiness of lemon-caviar, the tasty “Blanc d’Oranger” tea with its delicate orange blossom without of course the green “Earl Grey Primeur” tea sumptuously flavored with an essential oil of bergamot freshly brought back from Calabria.

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Green tea Earl grey Green Calabria, box of 100g
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