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Teas from Dimbula District

Average altitude m
Annual rainfall mm
Average temperature °C
Emmanuel Jumeau-Lafond
Of Sri Lanka's four main tea-growing regions, Dimbula District is one of the most famous, thanks to its high quality, the scale of its production and its abundance of tea gardens. Located on the western side of the island's central hills, the finest teas are harvested at an average altitude of 1,500 m during the dry months at the beginning of the year, from January to early April. The teas produced here have a refined flavour and a beautiful golden colour.
All teas from
this origin
50,00 € / 100g
White tea Tea from CEYLAN - SILVER BUDS
7,00 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from Sri Lanka - Ceylon O.P. Pettiagalla
7,50 € / 100g
10,00 € / Per box
15,00 € / The box
11,00 € / The box
Black Tea Tea from Sri Lanka - Ceylon O.P. Superieur
6,20 € / 100g
10,80 € / Per box
15,00 € / The box
11,50 € / The box
Black Tea Blend - Strong Breakfast
6,00 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from Sri Lanka - Ceylon O.P. Kenilworth
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