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We have drawn inspiration from the heart of festive Paris and the teeming, joyous show world of the City of Light, and dreamed up a new collection of tea packs.


‘Plumes’ is a collection of tea packs suitable as gifts: a collection reflecting the world of festivity and shows.

Inspired by the shimmering costumes and glittering outfits of theatre and cabaret, here the light, elegant and joyous feather is stylised and printed in two tones in a collection of four tins with gentle, rounded forms.

Worked like the "minaudières" carried by elegant Parisian women in the evening, these refined boxes in printed metal bound with imitation leather straps contain flavoured teas packaged in mini tins or individually-wrapped teabags, promise delightful surprises to tea lovers and connoisseurs with a selection of teas and flavoured blends, all with a delicious taste.

Products associated to this
48,00 € / Unit
Tea canisters in gift set "Opéra" GIFT SET
34,00 € / Unit
Tea bags sets "ENTRACTE" Gift set
35,00 € / Unit
Tea canisters in gift set "COMEDIE" GIFT SET
35,00 € / Unit
Tea canisters in gift set "CABARET" GIFT BOX
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