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All mandatory information indicated in European regulation no.1169/2011/EC (INCO), of 25 October 2014 concerning our products can be viewed via this link: Inco Dammann Frères

You can find the INCO regulation information note and allergen certification here:

INCO regulation information note
Allergen certification

According to the obligation contained in the text of French order no. 2014-1577 of 23/12/2014, passed by the French Assemblée on 26/12/14 and in force since 01/01/2015, arising from commitment 255 of the Grenelle Environment Forum and the European Parliament directive 98/34/EC on instructions for sorting recyclable packaging, the "Triman" logo (see model below) is affixed to all our recyclable packaging.

The link below provides access to a table containing sorting instructions for this packaging: Sorting instructions table

Our company obtained IFS FOOD V7 certification (benchmark for food product quality and safety audit) in June 2013, as you can see here: IFS certificate

Since 2016 DAMMANN FRÈRES has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

The unique identifier

Article 62 of the anti-waste law for the circular economy (AGEC law) adopted on February 10, 2020 provides for the establishment of a unique identifier for all companies or entities subject to the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility ( REPRESENTING).

Our unique identifier is FR214840_01OSMW.