Gift sets "EXQUIS" gift set

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"EXQUIS" gift set

This collection invites the tea lover to the flavors and scents of the world. In boxes with botanical decorations, these are four blends that can be found associated with an infuser.

PECAN PIE, flavored black tea - 30g
Black tea, flavors (hazelnut, pecan nut, almond, pistachio, honey), flower petals.

CARAMEL AU BEURRE SALÉ, flavored oolong tea - 30g
Oolong tea, salted butter caramel flavor, flower petals.

COQUELICOT GOURMAND, flavored black tea - 30g
Black tea, flower petals, flavors (poppy (raspberry, cherry, violet), vanilla, bitter almond, biscuit).

ROOIBOS PAUL & VIRGINIE, flavored rooibos - 30g
Rooibos, flavors (vanilla, raspberry, redcurrant, caramel, wild strawberry, cherry), strawberry bits, redcurrants .

Net weight: 120 g

L/H/P: 27,5/7/7,7 cm

  • Type(s) of tea :
  • Allergène(s) : Product may contain incidental traces of nuts and peanuts
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