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He was a heedful observer when his father designed the first flavoured teas, he was intuitive and inventive when he created the Cristal® teabag; he is now the undisputed Leader of the Dammann Frères brand.


Didier Jumeau-Lafond, with his wealth of experience and his memory, is not only the chairman but also the “dad” whom the Dammann Frères teams respect. His secret? His personality! Creative, epicurean and innovator are the adjectives qualifying the captain of the Dammann Frères company. A bit dandy, this man of taste, who loves art and photography, puts his artistic sensitivity in the service of the brand. In the creations and collections he imagines, elegance is innately present, the expression of a personal lifestyle. 

How can one please him for Father’s Day and celebrate his role as the “dad” of the company? By offering him a cup of Smokey Lapsang with some delicate pastries to be enjoyed while reading a beautiful book on Art déco.

Nowadays, Didier Jumeau-Lafond is helping his daughter Flora, who will soon be taking the helm of the company and who has inherited his passion: the love of tea!

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12,80 € / Per box
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