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DAMMANN FRERES fans that love iced tea are probably already familiar with the 6 flavors presented here in Cristal® "special iced preparation" sachets (6-sachet cases).


To make them quick and easy to prepare, these sachets are filled with the perfect quantity of tea or infusion for up to 1.5L of spring water.

These six flavors are available here as an assortment (12-sachet case),

At home, treat yourself and prepare your favourite tea as an iced tea.

Simply choose your tea and brew 5 g as an infusion in 1 liter of water at the recommended temperature, leave for the recommended brewing time and then place in the refrigerator to cool.

If you want to add ice and make a longer version your infusion, add 7-8 g more tea for the same volume.

Give in to temptation and choose from our flavored blends: Miss Dammann, Everglad, Passion de Fleurs, Kiwi Fukuyu, Fraise-Pistache, Oolong Citrons, Carcadet Litchi-Citron vert, Tisane Bali

For an even more festive tasting, give free rein to your imagination and add some fruit or aromatic herbs once the tea has cooled.

Have a lovely summer, filled with refreshing iced tea and tasty mocktails!

Products associated to this
8,06 € / 100g
Green tea Green tea - Miss Dammann
13,74 € / 100g
Green tea Green tea - Kiwi Fukuyu
6,16 € / 100g
Fruit infusion Fruit infusion - Litchi citron vert
11,37 € / 100g
Herbal Tea Herbal tea - Tisane Bali
17,54 € / 100g
White tea White tea - Passion de Fleurs
13,27 € / 100g
Oolong tea Oolong tea - Oolong citrons
6,16 € / 100g
Green tea Green tea - Fraise Pistache
7,11 € / The box
Black Tea Jardin Bleu - Box of 6 sachets for iced tea...
7,11 € / The box
Green tea Pêche - Box of 6 sachets for iced tea infusion
7,11 € / The box
Green tea Bali - box of 6 sachets for iced tea infusion
7,11 € / The box
Fruit infusion Passion Framboise Fruit Infusion, box of 6...
7,11 € / The box
Green tea Miss Dammann - box of 6 sachets for iced tea...
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