Our teas from Yunnan

Average altitude 1982 m
Annual rainfall 1478 mm
Average temperature 15.1 °C
Marine Sonié
Legend has it that the Chinese Emperor Shennong, who reigned in 2737 BC, first discovered the virtues of tea whilst resting under a shrub. The story goes that he was dozing when a breeze picked up that shook the leaves above his head. Three of them fell off, landing in a container of water that had been boiled in order to purify it. The last of the Three Sovereigns brought this lightly-coloured brew to his lips
The infusion was delicious. In fact, the shrub was none other than a wild tea plant. And so tea was born. "By accident", of course. But what if the Emperor hadn't taken a nap... what if he hadn't taken a moment to relax... ? Yunnan is home to the oldest wild tea plants. This region is renowned for the production of black teas with a unique aromatic profile, and the famous black tea Pu-Erh.
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