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Herbal Tea & Citrus fruits

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Type: Herbal Tea Dominant: Citrus fruits
9,01 € / 100g
11,85 € / Per box
12,32 € / The box
14,69 € / The box
Herbal Tea Tisane du Roy', box of 65 g
9,01 € / 100g
13,27 € / Per box
14,22 € / The box
Herbal Tea Tisane Fidji', box of 80 g
18,96 € / Per box
Herbal Tea Tisane du Roy, Box of 60G
Our recommendations for
If more than one version of the same flavored blend is available, we recommend:
In black tea for more character
In green tea for more freshness
In white tea for more sweetness
In rooibos for more body
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