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Herbal Tea Herbal tea - Tisane des Merveilles

10,90 €

100g Either 109,00 € Kg

Herbal tea - Tisane des Merveilles

Appealing to the eye, Tisane des Merveilles makes a delicious cup of delicately flavored herbal tea. Simply marvellous! Sweet and wonderfully fruity, an herbal tea combining verbena and lime blossom with flavors of rhubarb, raspberry, strawberry, date, orange blossom and rose.

  • Dominant note : Gourmet notes
  • Type(s) of tea : Herbal Tea
  • Main flavour : Rhubarb
  • Complementary flavour(s) : Raspberry, Strawberry, Date, Orange blossom, Rose
Consult the INCO rules chart
Serving suggestions
Infusion 6 min
Temperature 100°C/212°F
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