Flavored oolong tea

Always looking for new taste sensations, DAMMANN Frères’ experts have developed a range of all-new flavored blends based on semi-fermented teas.

Flavoured oolong tea in bulk with citrus peel.

Inspired by the rich aromatic palette of the oolong teas, three examples find their inspiration from famous Parisian gardens, matching the fresh and floral Teguanyin green oolong tea to fruity and floral flavors. Last but not least, a different proposition for the oolong teas. A combination of oolong Fancy’s warm notes (oolong tea more oxidised than the Teguanyin) with those of chestnut; comforting and full of cheer. And the new "Milk-Oolong" : delicious on its own, or to accompany a snack time.

Our selection of flavored teas

Oolong tea | Passion fruit, Mango, Litchi
€10.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Caramel, Vanilla, Buckwheat, Clementine
€11.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Cherry blossom, Peach blossom, Almond, Rose
€18.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Hawthorn, Rose, Jasmine, Acacia
€16.50 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Cream
€12.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Caramel
€14.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Vanilla, Chestnut, Almond, Chocolates
€15.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Rose, Apricot, Passion fruit
€15.50 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Blueberry, Banana
€9.00 Per 100g

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