Oolong tea Tea from Korea - Cheku Do Oolong

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Tea from Korea - Cheku Do Oolong

Also known under the name of “island of the Gods”, this beautiful subtropical island which is a UNESCO Heritage site is located in the Southwest of Korea. Grown in a protected environment, the tea plants benefit, at the heart of an exuberant nature, from a rich soil, a mild and humid climate, with rain but also a lot of sunshine.

Among the teas grown on the island, one of them is a dark oolong with large twisted leaves, the Cheju-Do.

When brewed, it delivers a liquor with, at the first taste, the roasted notes which are typical of a dark oolong. These notes recede quickly to develop into a perfume of stewed fruits which end, on the palate, with a subtle and pleasant sweet flavour.

  • Dominant note : Plain
  • Type(s) of tea : Oolong tea
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Serving suggestions
Infusion 5 min
Temperature 100°C/212°F
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