Our raison d’être and Société à Mission status

"Growing the connection between people and plants for a better quality of life"

Tea plant in hands.

DAMMANN Frères has been given "Société à mission" status, which means its management team and stakeholders are committed to focusing the company’s strategy and decisions on sustainable development objectives.

Our raison d’être describes our intention to play a role in the world that goes beyond purely financial prerogatives. It is focused on three primary actions.
These are:
- Growing the connection between people and plants, starting with upstream agricultural activities, by strengthening our bond with the farming world, notably through the development of sustainable and responsible partnerships with producers;
- Growing the connection between people and plants through knowledge, by passing on our knowledge and raising awareness of sustainable consumption practices;
- Growing the connection between people through our business culture and practices, by managing our environmental impact, improving the quality of working life, and establishing a management structure that facilitates this.

To ensure our mission is successful and monitor its progress, a double check is ensured via:
- A Mission Committee,
- An independent third-party organization.