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For most people nowadays, Easter is a celebration which is linked with the awakening of nature. Since the classical times eggs and later bunny have been symbols of this Spring renewal and are now the basis of a gourmet tradition around chocolate.


Chocolate, so tasty, so delicious! It is also a wonderful source of inspiration for creating flavoured teas, each an invitation to gourmet tastings.

 Among our chocolate creations, “Easter Tea” is a blend of black tea, vanilla and chocolate which a fruity sparkle awakens with a spring-like freshness; "Mélange des Chérubins" combines chocolate, hazelnut and blood orange flavours with black tea to create a velvety, rounded blend.

Fans of even more chocolate-flavoured notes will savour either “Cacao Jalapeño”, a beautifully amber-coloured creation in which the cocoa flavour meets the spicy note of jalapeño chilli pepper, reminding us of the tradition of hot chocolate from Central America, or "Mon Petit Chocolat", a new blend with a cocoa mellowness that brings out gourmet notes reminiscent of praline.

But the delicious chocolate flavour is also found naturally in the heart of some original teas.

From China, the “Keemun Mao Feng”, both aromatic and delicate, generates a finely spiced liquor with beautiful cocoa hints while New Zealand's exceptional “Black Ocean” enhances the fruity notes of fig and apricot alongside those of cocoa to produce a cup of tea with a subtly honeyed finish.

All the tea-lovers will be able to satisfy their appetite for chocolate, whether eaten or drunk in velvety, fragrant and gourmet infusions.

In order to properly store your tea, as well as for the pleasure of having a beautiful item, let yourself be tempted by a tea box dressed with washi paper from Japan.

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5,69 € / 100g
5,69 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Easter Tea
6,16 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Mélange des Chérubins
23,70 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from China - KEEMUN MAO FENG
9,48 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from China - Grand Keemun F.O.P.
53,08 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from New-Zealand - BLACK OCEAN
61,61 € / 100g
Oolong tea Tea from Taiwan - Oriental Beauty
10,83 € / Unit
Empty illustrated tea canisters "TOKYO", WASHI PAPER TEA BOX 100 G
12,08 € / Unit
Empty illustrated tea canisters "TOKYO", WASHI PAPER TEA BOX 150 G
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