"Week-End à Paris" a flavored oolong tea

The spirit of ‘Paris romantique’ is revealed at the heart of this flavored blend.

Sunny riverside in Paris with three chairs.

The combination of oolong teas with herbal freshness is harmonised with the flowery hints of sakura cherry blossom, peach blossom and rose, and with a soft, rich hint of almond, to create a delicate and subtly flavourful blend.

An invitation to a moment of elegant and refined tasting; this is a pleasure to savour and to share as you return from a stroll around a city that remains full of surprises.

Our selection of flavored oolong teas

Oolong tea | Blueberry, Pecan nut, Cereals, Coconut
€14.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Hawthorn, Rose, Jasmine, Acacia
€16.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Cream
€12.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Blueberry, Banana
€9.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Vanilla, Chestnut, Almond, Chocolates
€14.50 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Lemon, Lime
€14.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Passion fruit, Mango, Litchi
€10.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Raspberry, Redcurrant, Strawberry, Cherry
€10.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Rose, Apricot, Passion fruit
€15.00 Per 100g
Oolong tea | Cherry blossom, Peach blossom, Almond, Rose
€17.50 Per 100g

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