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Herbal Tea,Green tea STAR ELIXIR

7,11 €

100g (Either 71,10 € Kg)


Flavored herbal and tea blend for infusion. Tomorrow I take care of myself! Why not start with Star Elixir? Green tea, blackcurrant leaves, meadowsweet, grape leaves, elder flower, peppermint, fennel with end notes of mint and star anise together in purifying mixture.

  • Dominant note : Minty / Vegetal
  • Secondary note(s) : Spicy / Woody
  • Type(s) of tea : Herbal Tea, Green tea
  • Main flavour : Mint notes
  • Complementary flavour(s) : Anise, Fennel seed, Blackcurrant leaves, Elderberry flower
Consult the INCO rules chart
Serving suggestions
Infusion 5 min
Temperature 100°C/212°F
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