What cocoa nibs infusion is?

It is in Madagascar, a small producer (1% of world production), that we selected our cocoa nibs (ground, roast beans).

Cocoa pod, the fruit containing the cocoa beans.

Considered one of the best cocoas in the world, this Trinitario cocoa nib from the Sambirano valley, with its unique, tangy and fruity taste, is now offered as a product to infuse in its own right but also associated with spices, citrus fruits peel or mint for three new incredibly aromatic creations.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and you might think you were in a chocolate maker’s workshop...Discover the pleasure of a chocolate drink without milk or sugar, to infuse like an herbal tea.

Our selection of cocoa infusions

Herbal Tea | Cocoa
€9.50 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Cocoa, Mint notes
€10.50 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Cocoa, Orange
€10.00 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Cocoa, Cinnamon, Star anise
€10.00 Per 100g

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