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Green tea Tea from China - TAIPING HOUKUI - pouf of 50g

26,00 €

Per box (Either 520,00 € Kg)

Tea from China - TAIPING HOUKUI - pouf of 50g

Deliciously fresh and silky, this wonderful batch carries a vegetable aroma akin to that of the world of Japanese green tea.
Spring harvest: according to tradition this tea was harvested after « Gu Yu », the grain rain that start end of April. This « grand cru » was harvested by hand, on the 25th of April.
Singularities: Taiping Houkui comes from Shi Da Zhong cultivar. This tea has been entirely manufactured by hand. One full day of work per person is needed to process 500g of this fabulous tea.
Dry leaves: beautiful long and flat dark green leaves, up to 6 cm length. Will be noticed, the remaining marks on the dried leaves of the sieve mesh use.
Attack: a full and round attack. Both fresh and green reminding of fresh watercress.
Heart: silky, slightly milky with notes of bamboo shoot and raw chestnut.
Long lasting: Green vegetables, slightly sweet with a finish evoking nuts.
Packed in pouch of 50g/ 1,76 oz

  • Dominant note : Plain
  • Type(s) of tea : Green tea
Consult the INCO rules chart
Serving suggestions
Infusion 3/4 min
Temperature 80°C/176°F
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