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In England, there is a tea for every moment of the day :


▪ Just right to starting the day, some will have a ‘Strong Breakfast’ tea, a tonic cup to enjoy with a drop of milk, others will prefer the ‘Smokey Lapsang’, a smoked tea to accompany a full English breakfast with eggs and bacon.
▪ At lunch, the blend ‘Brunch Tea’ is perfect with a snack and even better for a late breakfast with friends on weekends.
▪ In the afternoon, either light teas such our blend ‘Mélange Anglais’ or flavored teas, such as the Great Earl Grey so sublimely perfumed.
▪ In the evening to end the day on a fresh and slightly spicy note, a herbal tea as ‘Atomic Lime’.
To each his preference, and now more excuses not to bring a British touch to your day !

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6,16 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Smokey Lapsang
5,69 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Mélange Anglais
8,53 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Brunch Tea
15,17 € / 100g
White tea White tea - Great Earl Grey
6,16 € / 100g
Black Tea Blend - Strong Breakfast
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