How dark tea is manufactured?

Stages involved in producing dark tea.

Dark tea leaves in bulk.

1- WITHERING for several hours in the open air.

2- FIXING, to stop oxidation of the leaves.

3- ROLLING using traditional rollers.

4- ROLLING the leaves in orthodox rollers.

5- SUN-DRYING, of the leaves harvested that morning. This operation ends around midday.

6- FERMENTATION OF LEAVES: traditionally compressed into cakes after rolling. In the 1970s, a rapid fermentation technique was developed in response to the growing demand for Pu-erh tea. This involves stacking the leaves, covering them in a linen cloth and spraying them with water. It takes around 40 days for the leaves to achieve the desired level of fermentation.

7- DRYING of the cakes or loose leaves to reduce the water content.

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