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At Dammann Frères, we, of course, would rather drink tea than coffee. When you wake up in the morning, in order to start of your day in good spirits, you need to choose the right tea!

Some people are light sleepers and wake up very quickly while others require more time to wake up and need a real boost to start the day. The diversity of our teas enables us to offer each of our customers the tea which suits their true nature.


For those who WAKE UP EASILY , a plain Darjeeling or an O.P. Ceylon tea will provide a subtle and mature flavor to be cheerfully enjoyed.



For those who expect a sharper and more PICK-ME-UP flavor at breakfast, some of the blends prepared by our Tea-Blender will provide the required energy.




For those who prefer A WITH MILK, we recommend Assam teas or teas from the areas producing full-flavored teas when steeped. A small amount of milk in the cup truly enhances the flavors. For those who really like milk, why not steep the tea directly in the milk?



For those IN A RUSH who just drink a cup of a tea for breakfast, we would recommend a Yunnan China tea. These teas, which are also called the “Mochas of tea”, are quite filling, without giving you caffeine jitters.



While we prefer black tea for a good start to our day, we still must not forget GREEN TEA LOVERS. Our experts have selected, from among the numerous green teas available, Chinese or Japanese teas which stand out thanks to the aromatic balance of their infusions.



There are as many teas as there are personalities and all combinations may be considered, but never forget, the best tea is the one you like best!
So enjoy your first cup in the morning and have a pleasant day!


For a gourmet breakfast, let yourself be tempted by our tea specialities. Prepared from the infusion of some of our flavored blends, these specialities combine the flavor of tea with fruity or floral notes in unctuous spreads.

Products associated to this
8,06 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from India - Darjeeling G.F.O.P. Supérieur...
5,69 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from Sri Lanka - Ceylon O.P. Kenilworth
5,88 € / 100g
Black Tea Blend - Strong Breakfast
5,21 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Royal Breakfast
15,17 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Mélange des Seigneurs T.G.F.O.P.
6,64 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from India - Assam supérieur G.B.O.P.
5,69 € / 100g
Black Tea Blend - African Breakfast
6,64 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from China - Grand Yunnan G.F.O.P.
11,37 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from China - Grand Yunnan G.F.O.P. Supérieur
9,00 € / 100g
Green tea Tea from China - FUJIAN VERT
10,43 € / 100g
Green tea Tea from China - Printemps sur le Lac
10,43 € / 100g
Green tea Tea from Japan - Genmaïcha
6,64 € / Unit
Around tea Jardin du Luxembourg' tea jelly
6,64 € / Unit
Around tea Nuit à Versailles', tea jelly
6,64 € / Unit
Around tea Noël à Paris' tea jelly
6,64 € / Unit
Around tea Miss Dammann' tea jelly
6,64 € / Unit
Around tea "ROOIBOS PECAN PIE", rooibos jelly
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