How is dark tea prepared?

To prepare a dark tea, we recommend brewing for 4-5 minutes in water heated to 194°F for plain dark teas or to 212°F for flavoured dark teas.

Stainless steel measuring spoon with dark tea in bulk.

Originally from Yunnan, Pu-erh tea is classed into two categories:

1. Sheng Cha (raw Pu-erh) develop slowly and naturally over many years through slow post-fermentation.

2. Shu Cha (ripe Pu-erh) undergoes a faster fermentation during a process lasting roughly 40 days, during which its aromatic profile changes. Sheng Cha and flavoured Shu Cha should be brewed with simmering water, while plain Shu Cha should be prepared with boiling water.

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