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100g (Either 78,70 € Kg)


At the end of a day of rooibos harvesting in South Africa, our expert, Emmanuel Jumeau-Lafond, was offered a cup of rooibos tea. The estate's cook had prepared an infusion, adding a few ground coffee beans. Delighted by this unusual flavor, Emmanuel Jumeau-Lafond had the overwhelming desire to share it with you. In our blend, the flavor of rooibos is combined with that of a coffee aroma to which we have added, for an even more gourmet cup, a note of chocolate and vanilla.

  • Dominant note : Gourmet notes
  • Type(s) of tea : Rooibos
  • Main flavor : Coffee
  • Complementary flavor(s) : Chocolates, Vanilla
Consult the INCO rules chart
Serving suggestions
Infusion 4/5 min
Temperature 90°C/194°F
Moments Evening

Infusion containing caffeine.

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