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Every year, in Japan as everywhere, Shincha are eagerly awaited. Literally Shincha means: 'New Tea'. This is the first harvest or 'Ichi Bancha' made in Spring and the one that requires the most attention and know-how from producers. Our expert Marine Sonié invites you to discover two exceptional Grand Crus.



The Shincha Dharma gathers all the characteristics expectations of a japanese spring harvest tea: a strong character combining freshness (evoking freshly cut grass)  and floral liquor. Only 150kg of this tea has been harvested at 350m altitude in the Shizuoka area on 10.05.2019 using mechanical scissors. The name of SHINCHA DHARMA was given by his producer, Mr Wada in reference to the Darumas, Japanese papier- mâché figurines in the shape of a Buddhist monk.  Perfect as an accompaniment to a raspberry pie...


Grown in a family plantation in the city of Satsumasendaï, from where he gets his name, under the remarkable authority and work of Mr Kinkichi Miyazono, this green tea was harvested mechanically at 350m altitude around April 20th 2019. From the crossing of a Japanese and Chinese cultivar, we find here the famous cultivar Asanoka, so much loved by French amateurs, particularly popular because it offers both sweetness and freshness typical of Japanese green teas and the gourmet and roasted note of Chinese teas. A perfect combination to taste and share. Its notes of chestnut and hot sugar will marry wonderfully with an egg cream... A tea to enjoy and share throughout the day!

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