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There are perfumed teas that more than others invite to escape.


The change of scenery is complete with the spicy teas known as "Chai", Hindi term used in India to define the tea. In India, blends combining tea and spices are still  today prepared,  in a mixture of boiling water and milk in equal proportion added with sugar and with cooking extended for one to two minutes with sugar. Iranians prefer infuse tea directly into the boiling milk. Each culture has its own 'secret of preparation' ... Discover your own way!

Our teas suggestions to pair spicy food: Darjeeling B.O.P.  Mélange des Seigneurs, Orange Pekoe Pettiagala, Malwi Stemwa O.P., Yunnan vert et Mandarin Jasmin.

Products associated to this
6,64 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Anichaï
9,01 € / 100g
Green tea Green tea - Vert Chaï
8,06 € / 100g
Rooibos Rooibos Chaï
10,90 € / 100g
Herbal Tea Herbal tea - Lovely Chaï
7,58 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea -Thé des Mille Collines
11,37 € / The box
Black Tea Thé des Mille Collines', box of 25...
18,01 € / 100g
Black Tea Black tea - Mélange des Seigneurs T.G.F.O.P.
7,58 € / 100g
Black Tea Tea from Sri Lanka - Ceylon O.P. Pettiagalla
9,01 € / 100g
Green tea Tea from China - Yunnan Vert
6,64 € / 100g
Green tea Green tea - Mandarin Jasmin
17,54 € / Per box
Black Tea Thé des Mille Collines', box of 150 g
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