Herbal infusion : blends and flavoring

Herbal teas made from herbaceous and blooming plants have been enjoyed since ancient times. Dammann Frères takes special care to ensure that you enjoy top quality products every season. As well as appreciating the virtues ascribed to each plant, we want you to savour every sip of your drink.

Loose linden leaves on a table.

Probably the most well-known of infusions, herbal teas give each of us a reassuring feeling which is profoundly linked to local and family rituals. Prepared by infusing a single aromatic plant (mint, verbena, lime blossom, camomile, etc.), herbal teas now extend to include highly aromatic blends mingling different plants with spices and other flavors.

Dammann Frères has employed its blending and flavoring expertise to blend, assemble and intensify the flavors and colours of brand new, original, tasty blends that refresh your enjoyment of herbal teas.

As you can see from this quick introduction, each infusion has its own characteristics but they all have much in common. We are united in our enjoyment of these healthy, simple drinks with multiple, rich and sometimes unexpected flavors.

Our selection of herbal infusions

Herbal Tea | Lemongrass, Orange blossom, Blackcurrant leaves
€9.50 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Lime , Passion fruit, Ginger
€11.00 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Ginger, Cinnamon, Anise, Cardamom, Pepper, Licorice, Fennel seed
€11.50 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Mint notes, Verbena, Lime blossom
€10.00 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Rose
€20.50 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Chamomile
€11.50 Per 100g
Fruit infusion | Hibiscus
€8.50 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Mint notes
€8.50 Per 100g
Herbal Tea | Lime blossom
€14.00 Per 100g

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