What yerba mate is?

Coming from Brazil, Argentina or Paraguay, Yerba Mate leaves infused are producing a really nourishing and refreshing drink. Served for centuries in South America, the ‘Mate’ is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, well-known for its purifying and stimulating properties.

Yeba Mate, a shrub with dark green leaves.

A traditional drink in South America, particularly in Argentina, mate is made using yerba mate, a plant that is part of not the camellia but the holly family. The leaves are roasted and ground, and when infused in boiled water (212°F) they give a caffeine-rich drink. Depending on personal preference, the vessel used to prepare this drink can be filled to between 33% and 100% with mate, then hot water is poured over it. You can easily understand the drink’s stimulating properties from this description.

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