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Japanese Spring season tea 2016

In Japan First Flush teas are called « Shincha » (« New tea »).


Following a south-North path, the harvest begin in April in South Kyushu to finish end of May in the Mountains of Shizuoka region. Considering the enthusiasm among Japanese people due to the arrival of Shincha, these teas can be said as rare and precious as gold.

Shincha are needle shaped and evoke a whole aromatic universe of tepid herbs that have just been crashed, marine notes almost reminding of algae…

This year we have tasted a very large number of spring teas and elected 3 Shincha.

According to Japanese tea masters, these teas have rested and matured during summer, giving them more finesse and delicacy.  There is time now to enjoy them, 3 spring teas which all collect, according to our opinion, the characteristics and qualities that Japanese teas lovers are looking for.

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