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Like a perfume, Dammann Frères blends are composed of many notes, be they aromatic, fruity, flowery, spiced…


The head notes, the heart notes… are always harmonised around the taste and in accordance with a tea chosen for a composition.

Dammann Frères have been cultivating and passing down the art of perfuming tea for 3 generations to offer original and coloured creations, with exquisite fragrances.

We offer over 40 flavoured teas or blends in Cristal® sachets as we wish to satisfy all desires. With fruity, flowery or flavourful notes or even the original taste of a single estate tea, each tea, each tasting provides a pleasure one cannot resist.

Products associated to this
108,33 € / Unit
Stainless steel Stainless steel teapot - Ludik 1.2 L - Copper
20,83 € / Unit
Glassware 'Riviera' glass pitcher 1.9 L
9,95 € / The box
Green tea L'Ôriental, box of 25 Cristal® sachets
9,95 € / The box
Black Tea 4 Fruits Rouges, box of 25 Cristal® sachets
14,69 € / The box
Black Tea Ceylon O.P., box of 50 Cristal® sachets
113,74 € / Unit
Tea bags sets "Palace" gift set
85,31 € / Unit
Gift boxes to fill Palace' empty wooden chest to fill - ivory
11,85 € / The box
Fruit infusion Fruit Infusion - 'Carcadet Provence',...
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