Cake with apples infused in "oolong caramel au beurre salé" : recipe

Green apples.


■ 400 ml of water at 194°F.

■ "Oolong Caramel au Beurre salé" tea 75g / 2.64oz

■ 2 apples (type Belle de Boskoop or Jonagold)

■ ½ tsp salt bloom

■ 10 g/0.35oz baking powder

■ 150g /5.29oz all-purpose flour

■ 150g /5.29oz sugar

■ 3 eggs at room temperature

■ 150g /5.29oz fresh butter at room temperature


1- Peel and cut apples into eight.

2- Infuse tea for 5 minutes at 194°F. then pour the tea infusion through a strainer over the apples.

3- Let macerate the apples in the tea infusion for 15 minutes.

4- Drain the apples.

5- Preheat oven to 356°F. Grease and line a 20cm-round cake pan with baking paper.

6- Meanwhile the apple maceration, prepare your cake dough: mix sugar and butter, then add eggs, flour and baking powder.

7- Pour the cake batter evenly into a pan and arrange the infused apples in pieces on top pushing them down gently into the batter.

8- Bake for 35 minutes, 356°F.

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