Flavored black tea : "Grand Goût Russe"

While history shows that Jean JUMEAU-LAFOND invented the first modern flavored tea for DAMMANN Frères in the 1950s in tribute to his wife Véra, the adventure of flavoured teas initiated at that time continues today with numerous flavored creations celebrating the power and aromatic diversity of citrus fruits.

Tea canister, golden finish metal.

Always appreciated by aficionados, the amazing flavor of bergamot finds a tasty and contemporary echo with our Great Russian Flavor blend.

Indeed, more than 60 years after the creation of the "Goût Russe Douchka" flavored tea, a new interpretation of our company’s emblematic blend offers an incomparable aromatic bouquet that balances the fragrant intensity of Calabrian bergamot essential oil with the fresh and fruity liveliness of lemon-caviar in a blend of three Chinese teas.

At tea time, a remarkable, powerful and balanced cup of tea for those who enjoy a tea with citrus notes. "Grand Goût Russe" is available in loose leaves or in Cristal® bags.

Our selection of flavored black teas

Black Tea | Finger lime, Bergamot
€10.00 Per 100g
Black Tea | Banana, Maple syrup, Vanilla, Buckwheat
€7.50 Per 100g
Black Tea | Coffee, Chocolates, Biscuit, Cream, Maraschino, Cinnamon
€7.50 Per 100g
Black Tea | Apricot
€6.00 Per 100g
Black Tea | Passion fruit
€6.00 Per 100g
Black Tea | Mango, Almond, Biscuit
€7.00 Per 100g
Black Tea | Passion fruit, Peach, Strawberry
€7.00 Per 100g
Black Tea | Bergamot, Orange, Lemon
€8.00 Per 100g
Black Tea | Rhubarb, Strawberry
€6.50 Per 100g
Black Tea | Rose, Orange blossom
€8.00 Per 100g

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