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Rooibos Rooibos Citrus, box of 25 Cristal® sachets

9,95 €

The box (Either 199,00 € Kg)

Rooibos Citrus, box of 25 Cristal® sachets

Here the South African plant rooibos mingles with the acidulous flavor of citrus fruits. Both mild and lively, containing no theine, it is an ideal drink for children or at bedtime. In its orangey box, it brings a ray of sunshine into the house. Box of 25 Cristal® sachets. Infusion 4 /5 minutes. Net weight: 50 g / 1,76 oz

  • Dominant note : Citrus fruits
  • Type(s) of tea : Rooibos
  • Main flavour : Lemon
  • Complementary flavour(s) : Clementine, Orange, Kola
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Serving suggestions
Infusion 4/5 min
Temperature 90°C/194°F
Moments Evening
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