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These great teas take their name from the Chinese ‘Wu Long’, which means «Black Dragon», and embodies authority and nobility.


The most widely known examples are those from Formosa Island (Taiwan), but the real origins are located in the Fujian province. Known as “semi-fermented”, “partially-oxidised”, or even “green-blue teas”, they are halfway between green and black tea; combining the spirited flavor of green tea with the softness of black. With a hugely diverse palette of aromas they offer an experience which never fails to surprise.

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34,50 € / 100g
Oolong tea Tea from India - DARJEELING PHUGURI OOLONG
23,70 € / 100g
Oolong tea Tea from China - Teguanyin Green Oolong
43,03 € / 100g
Oolong tea Tea from Taiwan - High Mountain Jin Xuan
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