How to prepare matcha tea?

For a creamy and frothy Matcha tea

Box of matcha sticks DAMMANN Frères, green matcha tea liqueur and matcha powder.


1- Place one teaspoon or 2 chashaku bamboo scoops in a Japanese Matcha bowl (chawan), soak the whisk in hot water.

According to tradition, the "Chashaku", a bamboo spatula, is always passed on from master to pupil. Its slender form means that the tea can be placed delicately in the bottom of your bowl.

2- Gradually pour in 2.46 fl oz of 176°F hot water.

3- Whisk briskly in M-shaped movements to avoid breaking the branches of the whisk. Essential utensil for preparing Matcha tea, this bamboo accessory has been produced in the same way since the 15th century.

4- Once the foam forms, remove the whisk, breaking the bubbles.

5- Rinse the whisk with water and leave to dry.

6- Tasting your Matcha tea.

Our selection of matcha green tea tools

To prepare your tea
To prepare your tea
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Bowls/mugs/cups/tea for one | Bowls
Bowls/mugs/cups/tea for one | Bowls
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