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Native to India, turmeric is a perennial plant of the Zingiberaceae family whose name comes from Sanskrit: kunkuma, meaning: which gives color.


The roots or rhizomes of the plant grinded in powder, have been used since ancient times as a spice in Indian cuisine in particular. The turmeric that we have selected is reduced into pieces, and becomes an interesting ingredient for the preparations to infuse that our experts have associated in two creations with other spices or even, with the cocoa bean without the addition of 'aroma or essential oil'. It results pleasant and deliciously fragranced blends delivering beautiful yellow-orange infusions.

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9,01 € / 100g
Herbal Tea TURMERIC - Curcuma
9,48 € / 100g
Herbal Tea TURMERIC - Spicy curcuma
9,48 € / 100g
Herbal Tea Turmeric - Sweet curcuma
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