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Enjoy an iced tea is a real pleasure that will surprise many, especially among those who believe not appreciate tea.


Drink iced tea is at Dammann Frères an old habit.
This is so easy to prepare, it just takes a little time !
For a subtle and smooth infusion, let steep for one hour at room temperature, 5g tea of your choice in 1 to 1.5 liters of spring water.
Then place the jug or the bottle a few hours in the refrigerator to savor once filtered, a clear, refreshing and tasty iced tea.
In summer, iced tea is an alternative to all sodas and other beverages consumed refreshed but containing too much sugar.
With or without sugar, you decide; on our side it will be no sugar !
Accustomed people will prepare their favorite ice tea the day before, leaving the tea delivering all night long, its flavors and aromas.
For a simple and practical use, Dammann Frères propose tea bags ready to use packed in boxes of 12. Among the flavors available, "Coquelicot Gourmand", a delicious black tea with flavors of biscuit and poppy flower and finally to convince everyone that all teas can be prepared this way, try "Darjeeling de Printemps" and savor the slightly fruity and vegetal flavors of a spring harvest of Darjeeling tea.

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