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The harvest of spring teas (also named 1st fush tea) is the most prized of all the tea harvests.
It is the one that will produce the 'grands crus' most sought after by connoisseurs. They are harvested after the tea plant is dormant, a period during which its growth slows down and is no longer suitable for picking. Its buds and young leaves are then loaded with essential oils to offer the teas an exceptional aromatic complexity.


Tea from China - Huoshan Huang Ya Premium 1ST Flush - box of 40g

Harvested before the festival of clear lights (QingMing),on March 25, 2022 in the Anhui region in the village of Jiangzihe in the heart of a family farm. On this condential production we received a batch of 30 kg for which, 80 kg of fresh leaves were picked.

Tea from China - Shaoguan Bai Mao Jian 2022 - box of 40g

Issued of a manual harvest of ne buds made on March 22, 2022 before QingMing from the Guangdong area to Renhua village. Mr. Luo, producer for 30 years in a family plantation located at 600M altitude, has reserved us an exclusive lot of 20 kg on a total production of this first harvest of 200 kg.

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