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Miss Dammann Panna Cotta

To make this simple and tasty recipe, you need the following ingredients:

75 cl single cream – 100 g caster sugar - 4 sheets of gelatine (25 g) - 1 pot Miss Dammann tea speciality – 1 ripe mango - 2 passion fruits – 1 lemon - 1 lime and, according to taste, 15 g Miss Dammann flavored green tea or 10 cl barley water cordial.


Preparing the cream

If you prefer the version with tea: infuse the 15 g of Miss Dammann tea cold in the single cream for an entire night. The next day, soak the gelatine in cold water

Sieve the cream in which the tea has infused and heat in a saucepan, adding the caster sugar. Bring gently to the boil then cool away from the heat.

When the cream is lukewarm, dissolve three sheets of drained gelatine in it, and if you did not decide to use a flavored cream, add the barley water cordial.


Refrigeration and presentation

Pour the cream into four glasses. Leave to set for two hours in the refrigerator.

Delicately heat at least two-thirds of the Miss Dammann tea speciality in a saucepan, and add the last sheet of gelatine. Cool, then top the four glasses of panna cotta and leave to cool for a further two hours.

During this time, peel and dice the mango, the lemon and the lime (reserve the lime skin for the zest), add the passion fruit pulp, mix well and set aside in a cool place. 

Before serving, divide this fruit cocktail between the four glasses and as a final touch, add the lime zest.

This is simple to make: it just needs a little time in order to savour a fresh, deliciously flavored dessert.

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